Refined Articles: Proof-reading and copy-editing dealing with academic writing, journals, thesis, dissertation, using APA, Harvard and Chicago referencing.

Estimates and Quotes

A fixed quote can only be provided on a completed ready to edit/proof draft. If the draft is still in progress or you do not yet have a draft I can provide an estimate based on a word count (preferably with a small sample).


Rates are based on the word count of the document, the type of service to be provided, and the required turn-around time. Student rates are available.

Changes to the scope of work after I’ve started on the document may result in a change in price.  I’ll let you know if your requested changes will result in a price change and give you options for handling this.


For small projects, an invoice will be emailed on completion of work.

For some large or complex projects, a down payment may be requested in advance, or alternatively, the work will be returned to you in watermarked PDF format with the Word copy being sent when full payment is received.

Payment can be made via PayPal. Payment is requested within fourteen (14) days. PayPal transactions incur a 5% fee.

If invoice payment is late without consultation and agreement with Refined Articles, I reserve the right to engage the services of a debt collection agency. I will always give you fair warning before I engage their services and give you time to make your payment.


Refined Articles: Based in Wellington, New Zealand, work worldwide including Australia, UK, USA, Singapore and Poland.

Privacy Policy 

I won't share your information with any person or organisation without your consent. I am happy to sign an NDA if you wish. I will happily use any recommendation or referral you wish to communicate but I can assure you I will never share your work.

You (the client):

  • Are responsible for the factual accuracy of, for example, dates, times, figures or calculations, in the material sent to Refined Articles. 
  • Are responsible for accepting or rejecting any or all changes and suggestions. All changes, corrections and notes made by Refined Articles are suggestions.
  • Are responsible for compliance with all university policies and guidelines (for academic work).
  • Are responsible for keeping backup copies of all material provided. 
  • Are responsible for the research and originality of all material provided.
  • Are responsible for providing a valid email address to receive communication and the completed work.

Refined Articles (the provider):

  • Will provide proofing/editing changes, corrections and notes to improve documents.
  • Will do my upmost to remove as many errors as possible, however, due to the nature of this work, I cannot guarantee perfection, and am not responsible for omissions or errors in clients' documents.

Reserves the right to refuse to quote for or to accept work for any reason, including but not limited to:

  • Offensive content, or content which may be unlawful in Bella's jurisdiction.
  • Plagiarised content or content otherwise provided without the consent of the copyright owner.
  • Work that is impractical to complete within required timeframes.